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Crescendo Theatrical Productions

Sharing god-given talent, one role at a time

Crescendo Theatrical Productions exists to bring an exemplary theatrical experience to audiences in the San Gabriel Valley area. Since its foundation in 2007, this non-profit organization has provided a unique setting for the local and extended community to use their talents in an impactful way.  Performances are family appropriate and the rehearsal environment is supportive and encouraging.  Participation in our theatrical programs is free of charge for all participants and open to all ages and generations.  Whether a member of the cast, crew, or audience, the positive and uplifting environment that our organization fosters is unparalleled in the world of semi-professional theatre. 

Summer Production 2023

Brown Vintage Style Movie Poster  (5).png

Summer Production 2022

LittleMermaid-Post Card-4x6-2022.jpg

Thank you to everyone who came to watch our Production of The Little Mermaid! We hope you had a great time under the sea!

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